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Filmo me kairiyar Banaana Ab hua aasan

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Filmon men pravesh karna ab hua Aasan 

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Welcome once again to our blog, once again I have brought Jitendra Yadav one more piquant information.  By reading, your difficult path will become very easy.

 So let's do Suru.

 What are the expected ways to enter films?

 The film industry is the only industry where studies do not matter.

Meaning if you have art and want to pursue a career in it, then it is not necessary that you have PhD or MBA or other degree.  Just here you need correct information.

 If you want to enter the film industry, first of all it is important to know where this film city or Baliwood is located and how to enter?  Do you know that the biggest hero heroine and director producer Filmcity Goregaon come in the east.  Yes you are reading right, want to meet them?  To take a selfie?  Want an autograph?  Or to watch Kapil Sharma's show?

 Yes, to see these, read our full blog.

 How to take selfie with Kapil Sharma and other stars?

 Friends, if you want to meet your favorite superstars, take a selfie, then there is no need to panic, we tell you the easy ways to meet them, as you all know, all the stars live in Mumbai.  You have to go to Mumbai to meet everyone.

  Filmcity located in Goregaon East.

 Filmcity You have to have a Filmcity card to enter the Filmcity located in a long area of ​​about 5 kilometers.  Now how about this card?  So next we will tell you where to get the Film City card?

 It is not that if you do not have a card, you cannot enter the film city.  You have to contact the office of Filmcity. There you have to pay some charges from 1500 to 2000.

After depositing the money, the officials of the Film City will get you a bus so that you can easily see the film City. Filmsity passes through the jungles, so walking on foot is not empty of danger.

 Because lions and other dangerous wild animals are found roaming the day, Filmcity's best view is of the hill, which is absolutely situated on the top of the hills.  From there you will get a view from one to the other, in which Powai Talav and other best scenes will be seen.

 There are other popular names which we will tell you at the end of this post.  So we were talking about meeting the stars.  So the bus you are traveling in will also introduce you to the stars including Kapil Sharma's show, Nachbaliya, and Indian Idol, what is called Rishta, Kapil Sharma show, Tarkamehta's inverted glasses, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Parhan, and Subhash Ghai's  There is also a famous academy which you can easily see and take admission, we will talk about it later.

 Dear friends, request you to comment on this, tell us how did you like this information?  And even if you do not, will tell you, because our goal is to show you the right path.  This is possible only when you comment and share, tell people also, so that they too can get information from them easily.  Now, we will tell you about some important place in which Suraj Maindan and Kalia Maindan are main.  Suraj Maindan, which got its name after the Suraj film became a hit, because it was the shooting of the Sooraj film, it is called Sooraj Mandan.

 Now let's talk about Kalia Mandan.  Kalia Maindan became popular due to shooting of Amitabh Bachchan's film Kalia.  So that's all for today with this great information.  Another spicy chatter will be spot on with you, so take care of yourself for the time being. Keep a cleanliness around. To contact us, visit our Facebook page or check out our Twitter at  Our Instagram account

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